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Announcement from Gypsy

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Gypsy (Jo) Fleck, Owner of Gypsy's Tearoom in Westminster, MD   To all my faithful guests and for those of you that we hope will join us in the future…I will be retiring and have sold the tearoom to a lovely mother-daughter team whom I think will carry on the tradition that, with your support, has made us the #1 tearoom in Maryland and among the top 15 nationwide.  Our hope is that this will be a seamless transition and for that reason I will remain on staff until sometime in August to help facilitate the transition.  Our new owners, Rebecca & Jessica Alder will come on board the middle of July.  I do hope you will come in and meet them as they continue our legacy of bringing the love of tea to so many wonderful people…Gypsy

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  1. Susan Payne
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    So sad to see you go but your retirement will be well deserved. Wherever I go Gypsy’s is a hard act to follow. God bless and thank you for your lovely tearoom.

  2. Vendetta Luther
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    My meetup group had a wonderful time this past Saturday (August 11) at the Royal Tea. Although I’m going to miss Gypsy, her legacy will live on with me and my groups. Over the past 3 years, I been to the tearoom at least 6 times and have great memories for each one. So Gypsy enjoy your retirement. Becky and Jessica I’m looking forward to creating new tearoom memories.

  3. Linda Blurton
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    It has been a true pleasure getting to know you and the staff over the years. Wishing you much
    happiness in your next adventure in life. I am looking forward to visiting the new Kate Pearl at Gypsy’s
    and continuing one of my favorite things ~ enjoying tea!
    Best wishes to all.

  4. Karen Bowling
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    Thanks for the wonderful memories that my family and I have been able to share at Gypsy’s. My daughter requested a tea themed bridal shower and when we came to get anniversary tea. It was at that time we found out about your retirement. Best wishes and enjoy. Thanks for passing the torch to another owner and keeping afternoon tea as our family tradition. Karen Bowling.

  5. Joni Miller
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    Thank you for always making every visit a wonderful one! I will miss your hospitality, but wish you all the best in your well deserved retirement!

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