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Our Signature Blends

The following proprietary teas are blended in-house especially for your enjoyment.

Kate’s Cup – Our House Blend of black and green teas with blueberries, cinnamon, & cornflowers

Gypsy’s Blend – Our decaffeinated blend combines quality black tea and sweet raspberry with rich vanilla undertones. Delicious served hot or iced.

Almond Berry – Black tea blend with the delicious flavor of fresh strawberries and classic sweet almonds.

Chai-Me – A vanilla black tea with licorice, pepper, clove, cinnamon, orange peel, apple bits, a touch of jasmine, and sunflower petals.

Winchester Blend – A smooth, satisfying blend of chocolate flavored black tea and fresh mint.

Our Morning Blend – A full-bodied union of Nilgiri and Keemun teas with the added sweetness of Golden Yunnan; has a slightly smoky character.

Anniversary Blend – To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we blended Darjeeling, (the “champagne of teas”) with peach bits, jasmine, rose, and cornflowers.

Lemon Drop – Sencha with lemon, almond, coconut, cinnamon, and a hint of chocolate.

Just Pear-fect – A white pear flavored tea coupled with mango, peach, orange peel and a hint of ginger.

Twen-Tea Anniversary Blend – Blended for our twentieth anniversary, this apricot flavored black tea is combined with dried apricots & blueberries, and sweetened with pure honey crystals.

French Silk – Vanilla flavored black tea infused with rich, dark chocolate.

Blue Lady – A lavender Earl Grey blended with lemon balm, mallow flowers, and cornflowers. The lavender undertones add a new twist to an old favorite.

In The Pink – Blended for “The Cure”, this is an uplifting, herbal infusion of lemongrass, peppermint, rose petals, strawberry bits and other soothing blossoms.

Citrus Garden – A refreshing green tea blend of tart lemon, a burst of lime, and the fresh fruit sweetness of pineapple and orange. We’ve added premium Egyptian chamomile, rosehips, and a handful of sunflower petals. Delicious hot served with lemon, or iced garnished with fresh fruit.

Summer Rose – A delicate green tea paired with rose petals and soothing lemon balm.

Autumn Blend – Smooth rooibos blended with sunflowers, mandarin, blackberry leaves, and cinnamon bits. Produces a deep red full bodied cup.

Yuletide – Blended with the holidays in mind, this cranberry flavored black tea with apple bits and mulling spices is a favorite year round.

Tropical Paradise – Black tea with mango bits, coconut, pineapple, lime leaves and calendula. Serve hot or iced.

White Teas

Produced exclusively in China, this is tea in its most natural state. Tender buds are hand picked before opening only a few days each spring. White tea retains the highest levels of antioxidants and is very low in caffeine.

Emperor’s White – Once reserved only for emperors, this silver needle tea is complimented by orange blossoms and honeysuckle.

China Peach – Refreshing Pai Mu Tan white tea with a hint of fresh peach.

White Peony – More body than most and a sweet fresh earthiness to it; a great introduction to white tea.

Lover’s Cup – China white tea, cranberry, safflower, rosebuds, cherry & cranberry flavoring.

Raspberry Ginger – Pai Mu Tan white with jasmine, ginger bits, and raspberry flavoring.

Green Teas

The beverage of choice in Asia for centuries, green tea has gained popularity in the western world for its health and wellness benefits.

Dragon’s Well (Lung Ching) – A mellow, slightly sweet tasting green tea with a subtle chestnut flavor; a true example of a traditional green tea and the most popular tea in China.

Pinhead Gunpowder – The highest grade of green tea, called pinhead because it is rolled into small pellets. Also known as “Pearl Tea” in China.

Green Tea Garden* – China green tea with a light touch of Koradji cinnamon, hibiscus, orange and lemon peels; perfect for the green tea novice.

Empress Delight – Fresh plum and a zing of ginger.

Bamboo Sprouts – Green tea with the light fresh flavor of pineapple and honey.

Almond Cookies – A taste of almond and coconut makes this Japanese Sencha a healthy choice.

Jasmine Green – A truly refreshing tea that is very aromatic and slightly floral; a fine tea for rainy days.

Black Teas

Fully fermented and highest in caffeine, black teas are usually rich, hearty, and full-bodied.

Assam (Majulighur) – An excellent morning tea, this Assam brews a sturdy cup with a smooth, malty flavor.

Darjeeling – Often called the “Champagne of Teas”, this first flush, delicately flavored tea is grown in the Darjeeling region of northeast India.

Lapsang Souchong – Smoked over pinewood embers, this rich tea has a distinct, assertively smoky flavor.

Keemun Grand – Often called the “Burgundy of Teas”, it is the most celebrated China black tea; notes reminiscent of wine, orchids, and chocolate, lower in caffeine than average black teas.

Ceylon Kenilworth Estate – Medium bodied black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)’s most famous tea garden.

Golden Yunnan – Full bodied China black tea which produces a golden cup with floral overtones.

Black Tea Blends

Flavorful blends of black teas, blended with fruits, flowers, & spices.

English Afternoon – Milder than most breakfast teas, this elegant blend of Ceylon teas offers a traditional mellow flavor.

Irish Breakfast – This robust blend is favored by the Irish for its pungent amber brew.

Yorkshire Gold – This very rich, full bodied tea is blended in the Yorkshire Dales.

Earl Grey de la Creme – Flavored with oil of the bergamot fruit and hints of vanilla, this smooth, aromatic brew is a new twist on an old classic.

Classic Chai – Rich imperial spices like ginger, clove, cardamom, anise, coriander and black pepper are combined with India tea leaves to create a flavorful cup.

French Vanilla – A decaffeinated black tea with french vanilla essence.

Apple Dumpling – Just like Grandma’s freshly baked apple dumplings!

Monks Blend – Black tea with natural cherry and vanilla flavors.

Sunflowers – Assam tea flavored with mango, pineapple, and sunflower, rose, marigold, and cornflower blossoms.

Hummingbird Cake – Sweet cake taste with a melange of fruits and nuts.

Apricot – Black teas blended with a refreshing apricot flavor.

Orange & Spice – This rich blend is flavored with tangy orange and zesty cinnamon.

Ginger Peach – Sweet peach seasoned with a touch of ginger makes this blend a house favorite.

Chocolate Cream – Black tea with cocoa kernels and chocolate bits (contains milk products).

Chocolate Strawberry – Black tea with coconut & bits of cocoa, strawberry, yogurt & vanilla.

Eye of the Tiger – A blend of black teas and rooibos with a chocolate, almond taste.

Blackberry* – A smooth black tea with blackberry leaves and flavoring.

Coconut* – A rich blend of black teas with coconut flavoring.

Mango Tango – Refreshing black tea with mango bits and lemon peel.

Spiced Caramel – Black tea with apple cinnamon taste and creamy caramel bits.


Also known as partially or semi-fermented tea, oolongs have qualities of both green and black teas. Most come from China and Taiwan, where the finest varieties are still handmade.

Ti Quan Yin – The most revered of Chinese Oolongs, the hand rolled leaves unfold to produce a pale amber brew with a delicate orchid-like flavor.

Milk Oolong – A smooth, creamy oolong with subtle, warm notes.

Fancy Formosa – The finest of Oolongs, the darker, iron-colored leaves of this tea infuse a smooth, fruity-sweet flavor, which is highly aromatic.

Orange Oolong – Formosa oolong with orange peel and flavorings.

Mariposa Oolong – Ti Kwan Yin Oolong blended with black currant and lychee, floral notes.

Tung Ting – This classic tea is sweet, silky, and floral, producing a lighter cup.


This Yunnan tea is praised for its medicinal properties. It is known for its sweet earthy flavor, rich hardiness, and faint nutty notes.

Coffee Tea – Our half-fermented pu-ehr blended with whole coffee beans.

Bird Nest Pu-Ehr – Traditional pu-ehr compacted into a small nest and individually wrapped.


Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, made from the leaves of a native species of holly tree.

Caramel Mate – Roasted mate & rooibos, caramel bits, chicory root & marigold petals.

Herbal Tisanes

Tisanes are beverages brewed from herbs, spices, fruit, and flowers. Because they don’t actually contain any tea leaves, they are naturally caffeine-free.

Chamomile & Fruit* -A soothing blend of chamomile, sweet orange, lemon peel, and tart rosehips.

Mint Fields* – This herbal blend combines refreshing spearmint and peppermint from the Pacific Northwest with the crisp flavor of lemon balm.

Vanilla Lemongrass – A refreshing herbal infusion of apple, orange, and vanilla bits, lemongrass, vervain and rooibos.

Hibiscus* – Wonderfully tart and fruity with notes of citrus and pomegranate; has a deep scarlet infusion and is delicious hot or iced.

Strawberry Kiwi – Fruity infusion of dried strawberries and complimentary fruit; perfect selection for children.

Tulsi Pure (Holy Basil) -Bblend of three varieties of tulsi to create a minty and buttery taste.

Red Teas (Rooibos)

Made from the South African “red bush”, Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is a caffeine-free herbal beverage rich in essential minerals.

After Seven – Rooibos with brittle bits, chocolate nut bits and peppermint leaves.

Rhubarb Cream – Rhubarb bits and rose petals make this creamy cup a delicious treat.

Good Hope Vanilla – Rooibos blended here with vanilla beans and a hint of cream; is indigenous to the Cape Region of South Africa, often called “The Cape of Good Hope”.

Chocolate Chai – Rooibos combined with cocoa bits and exotic Indian spices.

Cappuccino Cream – The rich flavor of cappuccino with the benefits of red tea; an excellent choice for the coffee lover.

Lemon Souffle – A smooth lemon cream rooibos tea with lemon bits.

Green Rooibos Oasis – Offering a fresh light taste, rooibos, in its green form, is flavored with orange, strawberry, peach, sunflowers, and cornflowers.

Nut Crunch – Blend of rooibos and honeybush flavored with candied almonds.

*Certified Organic